Sunday, September 2, 2012

Income inequality in Singapore

Article on Income Inequality

‎"...Income inequality in Singapore has risen significantly in the last decade. 

Whether measured by the Gini coefficient, or by the ratio of incomes between the top and bottom deciles, the evidence points to an incontrovertible fact: Singapore has become more unequal in the last ten years or so..."


Singapore household income statistics for 2011 (Including employer cpf contribution)

No working persons: 9.3% (Retiree households 5.8%)

Below 1k: 3.2%
1k to 1.99k: 6.5%
Subtotal (A): 19% (13.2%; excluding retiree households)

2k to 2.99k: 7.1%

3k to 3.99k: 7.6%
Subtotal (B): 14.7%

A + B: 33.7% (27.9%; excluding retiree households)

Households that earns 12k and above: 22.2% (12.6%; 15k and above)

Additional statistics on Singapore income levels: