Thursday, March 31, 2011

We have the FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY to make a difference!

So Yes, March has been a terribly busy month, having to settle the final presentations and reports for the Minor in Entrepreneurship program with NTU.

Nonetheless, I would try to keep up with the reflections I have written on my little notebook, and transfer them to the blog as often as possible.

March 16, Grameen Creative Lab @ NUS

Mr Reitz the Founder and Executive Director of GLC was an inspirational speaker, who shared his life story of how he pulled himself and his family out of poverty through an entrepreneurial drive and spirit, which brought him huge successes and relative riches even at a time when the country was war torn and resources are scare for the entire community.

These are some of his sharings and the thoughts I have derived from them:

How to ignite Social Reform?

What inspired me most was the his strong respect for authority, and to ignite social change without the use of violence.

It is common for us to ride our strong emotions, self-righteousness and passion for social justice and demand that changes be made immediately, however in the area of igniting social reform, one has to be truly wise and strategic in doing it so to prevent unnecessary sacrifices from being made.
Especially, in the case where the government is involved, it is important that we employ the power of the people to influence the government, rather than recklessly challenging people of authority with violence/uncivilized/unethical means. Least we provide our adversaries reasons or rights to employ legal restrictions upon ourselves.

During the Q&A, he reinforced his point that to ignite Social Change, we ought not to do it ourselves.
There are numerous passionate and purposeful people out there. There really is!
All it takes, is for us to have the courage to take action against social injustice! And we will soon discover the people around us, who are equally or if not, even more passionate in the areas we wish to change.
To CHANGE the world, you do NOT have to do it alone!

In Entrepreneurship in general, Making money is not unethical or wrong

However, we have to ensure that:
1) Our enjoyment does not come in the expense of others
2) Know what is enough (Excess wealth does not bring excess happiness)
3) Make it your business to make your community and environment safer and better than it was.

It is wrong to see Social Injustice and DO NOTHING about it

Last but not least, another enlightening story he told......

After the holocaust, he went around asking his neighbours what did they do or know about it.
Most of the neighbours feint ignorance, as means of communication were not as efficient as it were back then.

However, at this present age of technological sophistication, we no longer have the excuse of
"I don't know".
For information have been made available on our finger tips, and the real reason for inaction is that we are just too busy making money.
We have the FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY to make a difference!


  1. hey i chanced upon your article and its really insightful! keep up the good work! and i'm also applying for entrepreneurship minor :)

  2. Hi Heather, thanks for commenting. Hope to see ya around MiE. I do assist in a module at times. :)
    Do enjoy the experience.

  3. hey, its rather abrupt but I have to ask u this - do u skip the whole of semester 2 to do this minor in the special semester? thanks! :)

  4. hi, yes first 4 modules of mie happens in the special sem.
    But I took 1sem off to do my start up for en105.

  5. ic.. anw, good luck for your venture! :)

  6. Thanks! Enjoy your MiE experience