Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Generous Justice Part 2: Reason for Empathy

Hi all this is part 2, apologize again for having to take so long to post this.
This 3 part series I'm posting may get a little too religious for some people, but keep an open mind and hopefully you will learn a thing or two. Put it into perspectives of your own and see if they resonate with you.

Part 2: Reason for Empathy!
- Empathy and Compassion through Christ as a source for finding happiness

In Christianity, Empathy is a crucial element in our lives. Why? Here are the two main reasons.

1. To see God's creation with joyful awe
Since we are all made in the image of an immortal God, then all of us are not just equals but the most precious creation of God, deserving of the utmost respect.
Hence racism and elitism in this perspective, greatly contravene "right Christian behavior".
This is as we are all infinite in value to God and when you do harm to your neighbors you do harm to God's creation. Much like vandalizing or destroying what is not rightfully yours. Only difference is that a "life" is not simply a property but a being which is most precious in God's eyes.

And that same principle applies to other living beings. We are essentially stewards of God and not the owners. Hence, we ought to appreciate and care for all living beings around us, least we be filled with wicked pride and greed, and exploit God's granted resources to no end.

In addition, this applies to even your "rivals", "enemies" and the "wicked". God loves them all!
Hence, instead of judging them, think of how you can show love to them. Yes, to many it may seem to be a naive notion, but only through (Genuine and Generous) "Loving kindness" can we change a person with the heart of stone and evilness.
Nevertheless, that is not to say that you are to give foolishly, but instead give "lovingly". Having full faith and/or knowledge what your gifts will actually help him change. And that "faith and/or knowledge" would logically be dependent on whether you are reasonably equipped with the appropriate information or understanding, or perhaps even faith or burden that you are the person to be responsible to ensure that "change" happens.

2. The second reason is for you to experience God's true grace in redemption
This is to mean that we are to Love like Him, and specifically to adopt a truly sacrificial love towards every being around you. We ought to live in a sacrificial lifestyle, giving not only money, but also ourselves.
Our prayer, our time, our heart and genuineness to provide a helping hand to those who may require our aid.

To do so, we need to first empathize with them, to feel what they are feeling. And often that may even involve living with them or experiencing what they experience, before we can derive the true essence of their emotional state.

By truly comprehending what the disadvantaged goes through, it would bring us greater appreciation of our personal gifts and wealth, and happiness can be easily found by having a thankful heart for whatever we possess.

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