Friday, October 28, 2011

Conclusive Sentiments of the 7th UNESCO Youth Forum

Hi fellow mentors and friends

I am humbly thankful for being provided the opportunity to travel to Paris just last week to attend the 7th UNESCO Youth Forum as one of the two Singaporean delegates.

I sincerely believe that it was only with the support and opportunities from YOU, provided throughout different phases of life that provided me the profile to clinch the spot, to represent Singapore to stand among 210 youth delegates representing 127 Member States.

Hence, I would like to share this report which we have prepared, of which will be presented by our elected youth representatives from Finland and Canada, to have the proposal discussed as an agenda item in the UNESCO General Forum held this week. Leaders from all member states will be attending to jointly discuss various social issues as priorities to address within the 2 years to come, and invest in resources to tackle them with the development and implementation of policies within their own countries.

Despite the fact that I was just one of the 210 delegates and that our proposal may or may not be of any significant influence to any consensus the leaders may form, I am truly delighted to be given this opportunity to even have this opportunity to potentially create an impact throughout the world.

This is the very first time, UNESCO have given the youths, this opportunity to present the proposal, prepared and presented by Youths, to represent the voice of Youths from 127 member states. This is also the very first time that I felt that my voice, no matter how small, have contributed to a unified voice that has essentially reached out to all the leaders from the various political leaders of the various UNESCO member states.

Therefore, I am encouraged and have been equipped with the confident to tell all the youths of our country; 
"Youths, Do not fear to dream about a better world!
Do not fear that your voice will not be heard!
Do not fear that your actions will not make a difference!

Believe in yourself, Believe in your cause!
Reach out and achieve the change you want to see!
Be the change you want to see!
For if you don't,
Who will?"

To all my friends and mentors, Thank You!

You are also a simply awesome change-maker! 
I thank God that I got to know you, and I sincerely hope that you will continuously believe and strive to achieve your dreams for a better world!

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