Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Reflections by Jeremy Awyong, Founder and Director of Envisage, on the field trip to Philippines

I think that whilst the concept of a 'social enterprise' might sound new in Philippines, it is really the most sustainable way to invoke a sustainable social change. What better way can we make someone more passionate and devoted into creating social changes, other then to make it into his/her career. For Singaporeans of my generation, we were drilled to become corporate workers and having realized the meaning of social entrepreneurship at such a late age, I feel that much more could have been done if I were to come to know of this concept earlier.

Philippines is a country with vast resources and human talent. From the handicrafts I have seen in Signal Village and the vocational training in Tuloy, I see vast potential to bud young entrepreneurs. And in order to do so, an entrepreneurial spirit has to be imparted at a young age. For example, a young technician who has just graduated from Tuloy, instead of working for another employer, he can start giving out flyers in the city and charge air-conditioner repairs at below market rate. This way, he can slowly gain experience and learn entrepreneurial skills along the way. (Note that the children @ Tuloy are taken in from street gangs and orphanages)

Last but not least, I fell that the most important thing that I have learnt in this trip is the need to be truthful and welcoming in everything you do. Through the interactions with everyone there, I feel that everyone was passionate about what they were doing, especially Father Rocky. And the hospitality that The Rotary Club, Philippines, gave to us was tremendously unforgetable. 

My company's mission is to increase empathy and to raise more social entrepreneurs in the region and. ultimately, the world. Thus we see great potential in using our programmes to collaborate with either Tuloy or the beneficiary schools under the Rotary Club, Philippines, to train more social entrepreneurs. You may like to visit our website at, to know more about what we do and the programmes we have. Lets keep in contact and be sure that you will be hearing from us again!!

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