Saturday, October 6, 2012

SIFE's re-branding to Enactus

It has just been officially announced on 30 September that SIFE will now be re-branded to "Enactus".

6 years with SIFE has certainly made no small impact in my live. It is the first club which introduced to me the entire concept of Social Entrepreneurship (Although, it does encompass an even greater scope beyond SE), the first club in which I met and worked with a truly close-knit high performance team, and most importantly the place where I have found my live's calling.

The people, the culture, and the entire organization had taught me so much, and I am thankful for all the opportunities granted to me to grow as a servant leader.

For in SIFE, the very emphasis of engaging and empowering the disadvantaged to create sustainable enterprises or initiatives, to help enable better quality of life and standard of living, was certainly one of the most inspiring mission I have ever encountered. And one which requires those who believes in this mission, to seek to serve all those around him/her. From the beneficiaries to the student members, from the corporate sponsors to all other stakeholders.
Through service, I have attained great appreciation of how fortunate I am as a Singaporean living in such comforts. Through service, I have attained great satisfaction from seeing our beneficiaries or student members grow as value-adding members of society.

Conclusively, I will like to shout out, and thank God and SIFE for this live-changing experience.

Even as it is re-branded to Enactus, which aims to drive the importance of "Entrepreneurial Action in/by Us", I believe that the organization will continue to change even more lives, and touch even more hearts!

A Head for Business, A Heart for the World!

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