Thursday, August 4, 2011

Human rights for everyone!

Dear folks

Though I am a Singaporean, and am not an American. Nevertheless, I believe that the following video draws much similarity and attention to the growing racial/immigrant intolerance happening in Singapore.

It was a video which some friends in America, requested me to share:
I hope that my little efforts here, will reach out to those who care about these matters, and will do their part in it.

To my fellow Singaporeans,

I do too feel the threat (many of us feel) from having an influx of foreign talents coming into Singapore.
I do too disagree with the government's action of freely opening the flood-gates, showing little consideration of how it affects the rising cost of livelihood in Singapore or causing many locals to lose their jobs to foreigners. However, we have to realize that many of such policies do allow other fellow human beings with the hunger for survival and willingness to labor, the hope that they will find better living standards and opportunities in Singapore.
If you were to witness the poverty and level of corruption that exist in developing countries, I would believe that the graciousness of Singaporeans, will definitely be more accepting and loving of these individuals who strive all their lives to seek out a better place to live in.

Lets us stop being hypocrites; put down our hatred or resentments, and focus on doing our own part to make Singapore a better place. If we want a job that badly, let us learn to be hungrier, and more hard working than others. Let us place emphasis on self-improvement, personal growth and constantly pursue excellence, rather than taking the easy way out by complaining or whining about our own misfortunes.

The facts is that if we are really suffering as badly as we think, we will never be able to enjoy the comfort of high-tech toys (ipads, itouches, etc), or go on a holiday once a year, or the opportunity for our kids to attend schools at highly discounted rates. Ask any of your friends living in developing countries, and you will find out that all these comforts do not exist (Unless they are born in wealthy families which comprise of less than 10% of their entire population).
And yet, the greed for money and comfort will never be enough. And our fear of losing them, tempt us to complain and resent those who threaten us.

I do not question the fact that urban poverty does exist in Singapore (In fact Envisage is in the forefront of creating the awareness in Singapore).
However, before we take quick and easy steps of complaining and voicing out our rights, let me encourage all of us, to first ask ourselves if we have done our part to help the disadvantaged communities in Singapore.
Or are we simply using them as excuses or examples to justify our resentment for the growing influx of foreign talents?

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