Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September 11; A reminder of religious and racial tolerance

A call from our friends in US, to again post this video: http://myfellowamerican.us/
So to remind us at the importance of religious and racial tolerance.

With the passing of the 10th Anniversary of 911, let us come together not to scorn or wrongfully discriminate against those religions or races which seems to have done us harm, but be reminded that these generalizations and prejudice will only create social discord and disharmony.

The solution to ending violence is not with MORE violence! It is only through the courage to withhold and control our natural emotional responses, and apply wisdom to see the truth behind the deceptions of the devil, that we be able to understand the hate and cycle of violence which true terrorists wish to create.

Only then, can we resist the temptation to retaliate, and learn to understand the root causes of problems surrounding us so to develop peaceful and amicable solutions to these problems.

We as rational and compassionate human beings are capable of empathy, grace and love.

Let us be reminded, that long-term peace can be achieved, if every being seek to practice empathy, grace and love for one another, despite all our differences.

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