Tuesday, May 14, 2013

*Scape presents 'Hear Me Out!' (In conjunction with Envisage's Gen.SEs workshops)

Thinking of starting your own Social Enterprise while attending our workshops? Need a place to pitch and get funds to kick start your business? Consider joining Hear Me Out - a pitching competition organised by *SCAPE! 

"Got a brilliant idea that is itching your brain? Tell us, we’re all ears!
No doubt, we have gaps in our society. The marginalised can definitely do more with our help. Like the saying goes – if not you, then who?
If you have an idea that can better the community, tell us, we can support you with seed funds of up to $7,000!"

Join us tomorrow at *SCAPE, 7:30pm, to find out more! (alternatively you can PM us for further inquiries)

Visit Gen.SEs FB for more information: http://www.facebook.com/EnvisageGen.SEs
Sign up for our FREE Social Entrepreneurship training at: Sign up here! 

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