Monday, May 6, 2013

Youth For Social Entrepreneurship Interview on Envisage

Heh all

Have you all visited this awesome blog "Youths For Social Entrepreneurship"?

They just wrote an awesomely comprehensive article about Envisage start-up journey, my personal views  on the landscape, and some tips I have for people who wish to start their own SEs. Link to article is provided below! Click it, Read it! It's long, but I believe you will learn a thing or two from it.

Some excerpts:

Here’s what he thinks:

- “Start small – don’t be afraid to start small, and don’t be afraid to fail. And when it fails – which it will, it definitely will, regular enterprises fail 90% of the time – you must create space for it, and not drag others down, especially your beneficiaries.”

- “Youth entrepreneurs must start somewhere. If they don’t start, they’ll never know whether it works, and if they don’t start, it will never happen, basically. Do a trial run, do research, see if there’s a market, do prototyping, have a great sensitivity of what’s happening…. Don’t just think about it, or you’ll never know whether it’ll work.”

- “Figure out who you want to help. You don’t start a social enterprise just because you feel like it.”

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