Saturday, May 7, 2011

Generous Justice Part 3: Faith must produce works

This is Part 3 of the 3 part series of my reflections on the book Generous Justice.

Forewarning that it may get too religious for some people. But please be patient and open, and I pray that this set of reflections be a blessing to you.

My intention with these reflections is for each of us to be more generous in our graciousness and love to others (Especially to the disadvantaged). Hence, do note that these reflections are to be utilized for oneself, and not be used to judge others. 

James 2:14, 17 Tells us that Faith without works is dead. Hence Faith must produce works.

James 2:15-16 Tells us that the Change of life in us through salvation is not solely of a general or spiritual change, but an entire change of a person's life. In being empowered to show true grace to others, without it being sourced from sin or ill intentions.

An example of how this grace can be seen in Christian is how we should and could live a life that pours out deeds of service to the poor (and disadvantaged). This is an inevitable sign of any real, true justifying gospel faith. Any proclaimed faith/salvation without such attitude to serve the disadvantaged are unreal and dead.

Therefore, if Christians proclaim to be Christians, they have to be fervent in their service towards the less fortunate. To be more specific, if a Christian witness injustice and does not act on it (Confront it), then he/she is just a hypocrite. Nevertheless, that is not to discount the fact that some may choose to act on injustice through indirect approaches such as using the law/appeal to the government rather than outright confrontation (Which may result in more harm than good).

Nevertheless, a True Heart for God requires us to be like Christ Jesus who was born destined to die for us on the cross, and that would simply mean that no matter what approach (Direct/Indirect) we take in the end, we have to have the intention and desire to take active actions against injustice.

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