Friday, May 27, 2011

One small step for Envisage, One BIG step into creating the change we want!

On 26th May 2011, team Envisage spent the whole night and early morning working endlessly (Not even dozing off) to pack the last piece of Poverty Simulation tool kit, so to bring to YuYing Secondary School a social education program, that will give the youths a small taste of what urban poverty is like.

The purpose of our hope and dream is deeply rooted in our determination to educate and equip the youths of our nation the right service-oriented attitude towards the less fortunate. "Poverty" though no small problem in out society, is simply just an issue to enable the youths to realize that there are REAL people with REAL needs out there, who require our help.

And the first step to providing REAL help, is through EMPATHY.
The ability to put yourself into the shoes of others.

With the 3 concurrent workshop held in YuYing Secondary School, that brings our total number of students participated in the program ran by Envisage to 675. Although it may seem like its just another increase in numbers, I felt that it should be recognized as a monumental milestone.
As it is the first time that Envisage worked so hard to create 2 more sets;
so to enable us for the first time to run 3 concurrent workshops.
This is also for the first time that we embarked upon providing this program to the entire secondary 3 level all at once for half a day;
and also for the first time brought along 23 other PASSIONATE volunteers to make the program a success in YuYing Secondary School.

With every workshop we run in schools, we constantly improvise and we constantly seek to make sure that our program reach greater success.

Success in my opinion would be when we can effectively influence these youths towards genuine service for the disadvantaged, and a much heighten consciousness to uphold social justice and fight for it for the rest of their lives.

To Team Envisage, especially my friends who labored along side with me (Having to dedicate so much time and effort; even when they had to serve in their internship the next day), all the volunteers who helped out, especially to James Norris, Vicknesh, Dawn, Alodie, Leon and all the beloved change-makers!

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  1. good job stanley! Praise God for His provision!