Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Legal Complications

Spoke to a lawyer today with regards to SingYouth matters.

It was again an encouraging experience, to see how Mr Gobi is so willing to provide wise advise to Sophee and I with regards to the dealings with various partners and stakeholders. Today I saw the importance of having a lawyer to provide legal advise on our business dealings so to ensure that legal matters are handled professionally and cautiously.

One main takeaway and sharing from Mr Gobi is that, regardless of what good intentions we may have through the programs we run, the services we provide or the agreements formed with partners, it is crucial to consider all legal complications that may arise so to prevent any monetary losses or degradation of the brand value and goodwill built up by the organization over time.

This is achieved by putting all agreements into writing such as through MOUs or emails which can be used as reference to formal agreements made whenever complications arises, although they may not necessarily be legally enforceable.

As for Envisage, he advised that we seek out endorsement from MOE, so to ensure that our products are verified by a reputable agency. So to ensure stakeholders that the programs we run are made out of goodwill, so to prevent misrepresentation of our good intentions by ignorant individuals.

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