Tuesday, February 1, 2011

SIFE - Passionate People

I am greatly encouraged by the members of SIFE, particularly the Exco for showing so much passion and dedication to creating real social impact in the beneficiaries they are working with.

The process of building deep relations the beneficiaries and at times attempting to experience what they experience are paramount in our ability to empathize with them. This is required so that we are able to identify their needs, hence analyze the real problem behind those needs and thereby propose solutions that will be effective in addressing those needs.

However, this process takes up plenty of time, especially since there will be a fair share of failing, learning and exploration involved, before we get to achieve any substantiative results.

The people of SIFE made plenty of self-sacrifice of personal resources, be it time, money, sweat and hard work. All of which will never be achievable without sincere passion, purpose and relationship with the beneficiaries.

The people of NTU-SIFE are indeed bright lights that bring joy to those life we touch.

I pray that their flames of passion will never subside, and will carry on burning, growing and spreading to all the communities they touch, even after convocation.

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