Monday, February 21, 2011

Shen Zhen – Hong Kong Business Trip Reflection Report

Reflection Report on my recent trip to China
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A slight teaser;

"We should take pride in our life experiences that are often close and personal to us. They form the basis of our identity, through the display of values which these experiences help to inculcate. Therefore, we should be proud of ourselves, so to maintain our self-concept and self-confidence for the purpose of staying driven and motivated to achieve the impossible. This is also where we find purpose in all the things we do, the critical driver for achieving greatness.

Yet when dealing with others, we should throw away this pride.  We have to adopt the earnest attitude to perceive, understand and learn from everyone around us, which is to include even those who oppose our ideas. Only then will people be willing to share their sincere opinions with you or provide you with their personal experiences and knowledge that will essentially broaden your perception, and allow growth in your wealth of knowledge and wisdom.

The ability to master our pride is an essential skill for entrepreneurs. We have to possess extreme faith in our own competencies, so to take the appropriate risk required for success. Yet be able to develop the similarly important capacity for humility, so to learn and grow, by having the courage and grace to be critical of ourselves in our self-reflections of both success and failures of every event of our live."

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